Justin Timberlake Loves Southern Hospitality

In 2007, Timberlake has opened a barbecue restaurant / bar on Manhattans Upper East Side, but now will be expanding Southern Hospitality in a place that will serve Chelsea New York Southern favorites from his family, as cookbook pulled pork, macaroni and cheese and wings Chicken. He had no idea, says a source. He will be opening another restaurant in New York. Justin was totally blown away when walked in. Pop star-is-Justin Timberlake restaurant has come a long way since his days on the Mickey Mouse Show! Not only is the singer of a Tennessee-born actor and musician, but now will be the owner of two restaurants. Jessica Biel, 26, threw her singer beau Super Bowl-themed a birthday surprise in Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel ultra-exclusive penthouse on Sunday afternoon, PEOPLE has learned. This is a birthday Justin Timberlake won t soon forget.

4.2.09 11:56

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